Warehousing services in Finland

Hacklin Hamiko is a reliable partner in managing your company’s material flows efficiently. With our long and extensive international experience and strong presence in Finland, we act professionally in supporting our customer’s logistics and warehousing needs.

Hacklin Hamiko has extensive experience in handling various types of shipments. We serve industrial manufacturing businesses and suppliers of industrial raw materials in their logistics and warehousing needs covering, among others, the following sectors:

chemical • fertilizer • pulp and paper • rubber and plastic • energy & materials • machinery and equipment manufacturing • mechanical engineering  • mining • automotive

We offer customized storage and cargo handling services in the Port of HaminaKotka, the biggest universal port of Finland. Skilled warehouse personnel are the backbone of our efficient and versatile performance.

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Port forwarding

Hacklin Hamiko provides port forwarding services and transport documentation issuance in HaminaKotka, as well as in other major ports of Finland.

The company offers comprehensive services covering customs clearance of shipments and issuance of freight cargo documentation. We also provide transit documents (e.g. T1, TIR) for cargo which is to be transported from Finland our to the EU territory.

A-class heated storage terminal in Hamina

Hacklin acquired a 20.000m2 heated storage terminal, built in 2005. The free height of the terminal is 10 m and it is equipped with 41 loading ramps. There is also a drive-in possibility for larger vehicles into the terminal.

The terminal building is located close to the gate of Hamina port area, address Pajamäentie 3, FI-49460 Hamina. Hacklin Hamiko is responsible for terminal operation and marketing of the storage space.

Your benefits when co-operating with us

  • Our warehouse and office personnel are qualified, trained and have been working at our company for many years, which minimizes possible errors in handling and forwarding of cargo
  • Co-operation with our company is transparent and tailor-made for our clients’ convenience. Our goal is to avoid any pitfalls and hidden costs, and to build a long-term relationship with our clients
  • We are keen to co-operate both with large enterprises and middle-sized companies, carefully and attentively handling our client’s cargo
  • We are interested in direct co-operation with cargo owners and with intermediary companies, always loyal to our client company, protecting its interests in the supply chain
  • Hacklin Hamiko adjusts to the client’s company operational needs with the capability to react to changing storage volumes
  • Since we have own warehouse facilities, the client company is protected against unreasonable changes in storage prices
  • Our activities are efficient and flexible
  • Good reputation, stability, reliability and vast experience
  • Full range of additional services: forwarding, international cargo transportations, warehousing and customs clearance of cargo
Storage services

Frequently asked questions

chemical storage facility located in a harbor, where environmentally hazardous raw materials are stored, is an essential part of industrial operations. Such warehouses play a crucial role, but their safety requirements are stringent.

Here are some key points related to the storage of environmentally hazardous raw materials in a harbor:

  1. Safety Regulations: Chemical storage facilities operating in harbors must adhere to strict safety regulations. These include aspects such as fire safety, leak management, and proper labeling of chemicals.
  2. Environmental Impact: When storing environmentally hazardous substances, consideration must be given to potential leaks and emissions. Warehouses should be designed to minimize harm to the environment.
  1. Handling and Transportation: Chemical storage facilities should be easily accessible for safe handling and transportation of chemicals. This requires proper logistics and trained personnel.
  2. Monitoring and Inspections: Chemical storage facilities operating in harbors should be under continuous surveillance. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential.
  1. Risk Management: These warehouses must identify potential risks and develop contingency plans for emergencies. This includes collaboration with authorities.


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