Eco-Friendly Biogas Powered Truck for Hacklin Bulk Boys

At Hacklin, we’re committed to Sustainable Logistics 🌿 Our sister company, HacklinBulkBoys, recently made an eco-conscious choice by adopting an environmentally friendly Volvo FH 6×2 LBG truck powered by biogas as their new tractor unit.

The vehicle is equipped with a discharge compressor and a tipper hydraulic system. Together with a 4-axle semi-trailer, it achieves a payload of up to approximately 40 tons at its best. While primarily serving long-distance tank transport, this adaptable vehicle can also handle other types of freight.

Hacklin Bulk Boys has a long experience in loading and discharging a wide variety of bulk goods. The company handles bulk and packed materials according to customer’s demands door-to-door.

We drive sustainability forward!