SS Halvar H miniature ship model to Espoo

SS Halvar H (pre. Otto)

Built: 1907 in Newcastel on Tyne
2000 dwt
In Hacklin’s ownership 1943 – 1953
Sailed on the Baltic and North Sea
Cargo: Timber from Finland, Coal from Europe

This miniature ship model was moved from Mäntyluoto and found a safe haven in Hacklin Logistics’ office in Espoo, Finland.

Did you know, that Otto Werner Hacklin, who founded his first company in 1908, grew up surrounded by ships and harbor life. For a man who had grown up among the islands and the port it was only natural to consider becoming a shipowner. In early spring 1915 Werner Hacklin acquired his first ship. By the beginning of 1918 seven vessels were owned by Hacklin companies. The vessels were galleys, schooners and barks operated in the Baltic and Great Britain.

By the end of the Great Depression Werner Hacklin had a controlling stake in six shipping companies, each of which owned one steamer. By the Second World War the number of steamships had grown to nine. The net registered tonnage of the vessels varied from 502 to 2486 tons. Most of vessels took timber to Great Britain, returning to Finland carrying coal.

Nowadays in 115years of its operation, Hacklin remains to be a family-owned company in fourth generation. Hacklin has grown to become a dynamic service provider for customer’s logistics needs around the world.