Loading of a power supply cable system

Origin: Finland
Destination: South America
Time of shipment: March 2023
Volume: 2 x 950x96x246cm / 2000 kg each

Hacklin Hamiko arranged loading of a power supply cable system for its further delivery to a construction plant situated in South America.

Since the machinery is transported to its final destination by sea, it was essential to prepare the goods for transportation and assure proper loading, securing and blocking of the cargo in accordance with the maritime standards.

This shipment is a part of a bigger technological equipment project supply. Different type of equipment is shipped by our customer to a fiber production and chemical recovery plant in South America.

Hacklin Hamiko has vast experience in handling of project cargo. We arrange container stuffing or loading, lashing and securing of equipment in sea containers and different types of transportation units. We handle loading and securing of cargo at our warehouses located in the HaminaKotka harbor, Finland.