Delivery and customs clearance of complex industrial objects


Our representative office in St.Petersburg OOO Hacklin CIS organized delivery and customs clearance of complex industrial objects (such as ventilation, refrigeration systems, cable routes etc.) delivered to different regions of Russia. Deliveries and customs clearance of unassembled equipment were handled for Quattroservices Ltd, one of the most international HVACEA contractors in Finland.

Hacklin CIS handled customs clearance by providing electronic declarations directly to the Customs authorities in various customs points selected according to the cargo transportation route.

Electronic customs clearance in Russia

Hacklin CIS can take over the entire customs clearance process in Russia, including electronic customs clearance of goods and registration of the electronic signature.

Do you have any questions about imports to Russia?

Our Russian offices are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. We offer comprehensive services covering import and export customs clearance and issuance of freight cargo documentation in Russia and Europe. Additionally we have vast experience in handling special customs clearance procedures (temporary admission, outward processing, disposal, transit etc.)

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