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About us

Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd is a Finnish forwarding company specialized in the field of logistics in and out from Russia and all CIS countries.
We are glad to offer you a full range of services in logistics and storage, inclusive complex solutions such as ‘door to door’ shipments and operations on individual activity lanes.
The main HUB is located in the free-zone of Port of HaminaKotka (Finland).
Customs bonded warehouses in Finland, Hacklin Hamiko
Port forwarding, HaminaKotka, Finland, Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd
Customs bonded warehouses in Finland, inside picture

For more than 27 years we have been handling different types of cargo: electronics, equipment and machinery, consumer goods, raw materials for industrial enterprises situated in North-West and Central Russia.

We have broad experience in forwarding of shipments with large nomenclature (over 15-20 customs codes per one shipment).

One of the main lines of activity of Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd is project forwarding. We offer transportation from a factory to site, collecting deliveries from suppliers to a marshalling yard, routing and administrative consultancy, WEB-connected logistics and forwarding services, customs clearance of shipments.

Distinctive feature of Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd is an irreproachable quality of project performance, reliability and Finnish standards of work.

The independent company Oy Hamiko Agency Ltd was founded in 1985. Now the holding Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd is owned by Finnish concern Oy Hacklin Ltd.
Our offices are located in Hamina, Kotka, Helsinki, Moscow and St.Petersburg.


We guarantee high-level professional services to our Customers based on the principles of reliability and personalized service.
Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd provides high service quality based on the following norms:

- Reliability - the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately.
- Responsiveness - the willingness to help our customers and to provide prompt service.
- Assurance - the knowledge and courtesy of employees.
- Empathy - the provision of caring, individualized attention to customers.