Hacklin Hamiko offers storage services in HaminaKotka port (Finland). The company provides storage services in 8 bonded warehouse facilities located only 35 km from the Russian border.

Hacklin Hamiko has vast experience in handling different types of cargo: electronics, equipment and machinery, consumer goods, raw materials for industrial enterprises situated in North-West and Central Russia.

  • Warehouse facilities 55 800 sqm
  • Open yard space 50 000 sqm
  • Long- and short-term customs bonded warehousing
  • Groupage cargo consolidation
  • Cross-docking operations: direct reloading without temporary storage of goods
  • Various value-added services
  • Handling, sorting, repacking and labeling of cargo
  • Guaranteed cargo security
  • Ability to load up to 8 wagons at a time inside the warehouse
  • WMS – tailor-made warehouse management software

Warehousing HamikoWarehousing Hamiko


  • Our warehouse and office personnel are qualified, trained and have been working at our company for many years, which minimizes possible errors in handling and forwarding of cargo
  • Co-operation with our company is transparent and tailor-made for our clients’ convenience. Our goal is to avoid any pitfalls and hidden costs, and to build a long-term relationship with our clients
  • We are keen to co-operate both with large enterprises and middle-sized companies, carefully and attentively handling our client’s cargo
  • We are interested in direct co-operation with cargo owners and with intermediary companies, always loyal to our client company, protecting its interests in the supply chain
  • Hacklin Hamiko adjusts to the client’s company operational needs with the capability to react to changing storage volumes
  • Since we have own warehouse facilities, the client company is protected against unreasonable changes in storage prices
  • Our activities are efficient and flexible
  • Good reputation, stability, reliability and vast experience
  • Full range of additional services: forwarding, international cargo transportations, warehousing and customs clearance of cargo


Hacklin Hamiko provides port forwarding services and transport documentation issuance in HaminaKotka, as well as in other major European ports and major sea ports of Russia (e.g. Saint-Petersburg, Ust-Luga, Novorossiysk and main harbors of the Caspian Sea).

The company offers comprehensive services covering customs clearance of shipments and issuance of freight cargo documentation in Europe, Finland and Russia. We also provide transit documents (e.g. T1, TIR) for cargo which is to be transported to Russia and the CIS via Finland

Hacklin Hamiko has vast experience in handling special customs clearance procedures (temporary admission, outward processing, disposal, transit etc.)