Hacklin Hamiko offers comprehensive customs clearance services in Finland. We have vast experience in handling special customs clearance procedures (temporary admission, outward processing, disposal, transit etc.)

The company is granted with AEO (Authorised economic operator) status. AEO is a business whose customs clearance and logistics operations have been granted a security certificate by Customs. Therefore AEO business is entitled to benefits across the EU.

Hacklin Hamiko has direct digital connection to Finnish Customs which enables us to conduct electronic customs clearance everywhere in Finland.

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Our main customs clearance services include

Issuing declarations on the following movements in Finland:


We submit import declarations electronically on behalf of consignee or buyer of the goods. POA (power of attorney) signed by import company (buyer of the goods) should be arranged before issuing of import declaration.

Import means bringing in goods from a non-EU country. Before the goods can be taken into use or resold, upon import goods must be cleared through Customs. Customs levies duties, taxes and charges which are determined according to the commodity code, origin and customs value of the goods.

The importer can authorise Hacklin Hamiko to take care of customs transactions on their behalf. The following forms of representation are usually used: direct representation, indirect representation or direct representation bearing the liability of a guarantor.

We handle the following main customs procedures for import:
  • Release for free circulation
  • Temporary admission
  • Inward processing
  • Outward procssing
  • Re-import after temporary export
  • Import of goods for test use
  • Temporary admission of containers and packings


We submit export declarations electronically on the exporter’s behalf. POA (power of attorney) signed by export company (seller of the goods) should be arranged before issuing of export declaration.

Export means taking Union goods out of the EU. The goods must be cleared for export before they are taken out of Finland, i.e. the exporter must submit an export declaration to Customs.

The export declaration should be lodged in good time before dispatching the export goods, as soon as the information concerning the consignments is available. It is to be lodged, at the latest, before the goods are taken out of Finland.

The export declaration is lodged with the customs office in whose area the exporter is established or where the goods are loaded or packed for export.

If the value of the export goods is no higher than 3 000 euros, and the goods are not subject to any export prohibitions or restrictions, the export declaration can be lodged in the last EU country with the customs office at the place of exit before the goods are taken out of the customs territory of the Union.

Among standard export procedures we issue the following declarations for export:
  • Re-export of goods under special procedures
  • Re-export from a customs warehouse
  • Split exportation


Transport and warehousing

We issue customs declarations for transport and warehousing.

Goods imported from outside the European Union can be transported and stored within the EU without paying customs duties and taxes. There are many alternative customs procedures for this, especially if the goods are not expected to be re-exported immediately from the Union. The goods can e.g. be placed in temporary storage for a maximum period of 90 days or they can be stored for a longer period under the customs warehousing procedure.

There are also alternative ways of transporting goods, depending on whether or not the goods are of a commercial nature. Goods can be transported under the T transit procedure in countries that are part of the common transit area, and with a TIR Carnet to countries outside the EU and back.

We issue the following declarations for transit and warehousing:
  • Transit declaration T1 (NCTS) and other types of T declarations
  • Warehousing declarations (IMA)
  • Declarations for placing goods under the customs warehousing procedure

Arriving and exit

We issue arrival and exit declarations on arriving and exiting goods.

Electronic safety and security data must be submitted to Customs before goods are imported into or exported from the European Union territory. The safety and security data are details about the traders, goods, transports and routes.

The transport company is always responsible for submitting the arrival and exit declarations, even if it uses a representative to submit them. The time limits for submitting declarations are based on which mode of transport is used and the transport routes.

Arrival and exit declaration (AREX)

The Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) is used for submitting declarations for third country goods and Union goods arriving in Finland. In addition, the AREX service is also used for submitting declarations for Union goods that will exit Finland and for third country goods that have been in temporary storage and are to be reloaded (so-called transhipment goods).

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