Участие во встрече Клуба по логистике и ВЭД в Московском офисе Финско-Российской торговой палаты

Вера Якимова, начальник отдела маркетинга и работы с клиентами ООО Хаклин Хамико, и Наталия Можарова, директор по продажам отдела международных и авиаперевозок, - справа на фото -  приняли участие во "Встрече Клуба по логистике и ВЭД", которое состоялось 14 декабря 2018 г. в Московском офисе Финско-Российской торговой палаты. 


Unloading tyres for large Haul Trucks

Cargo handling equipment varies depending upon the type of cargo. Special type of forklift was tailor-made for Hacklin Hamiko's purposes, such as handling of large haul truck tires arrived to our bonded warehouse for unloading.


Special container arrived for unloading

Special 20′ SD container arrived to Hacklin Hamiko's warehouse for unloading of project cargo. This 20' SD container is equipped with side doors to facilitate smooth loading and unloading of cargo. All 4 sides of such special containers can also be designed to open completely as required.


Transrussia is about to start

Construction has been in progress till the late evening of 18.4., but we managed to get everything ready on time. Couple of things still need to be done before tomorrow's grand opening. Tomorrow morning we will be ready to meet you at our booth in Crocus Expo! See you in Moscow at TRANSRUSSIA 2016!